Shadow Puncher

November 21, 2019 Metal Mira 0

Shadow Puncher is a brutal death metal/black metal act that began in 2016, as a solo project of Max Kevin Ølstøren from Trondheim, Norway in […]


November 15, 2019 Metal Mira 0

The first full-length from this band was released on May 23rd, 2019. The album is self-titled and released under the label Underground Symphony Records. Sangreal […]


November 10, 2019 Metal Mira 0

Rifferspock formed in 2016 in Coventry, UK. The members knew each other quite well after attending Nexus Christian Music School together. The name Rifferspock comes […]

Heidre Interview

November 6, 2019 Metal Mira 0

Heidre is a band project founded 2018 in Norway. They create new versions of known and lesser-known hymns. The newly released album Kvit is their […]