About Us

Welcome to The Metal Onslaught Magazine, Southern California’s biggest Independent Christian hard music site.

We strive to bring you the latest news, reviews and interviews. We began in January 2015 as a blog site and even had our own Bandcamp website for digital downloads. Then God gave myself a vision in June 2016 to start a Christian heavy music magazine based in the United Kingdom and to give an opportunity for all Christian bands all over the world to be able to have their music available within Europe to stop those ungodly shipping costs. We found that the Christian heavy music industry in the UK to be non existent and very small. Then that’s where we came in, we also have close ties to Meltdown Music Ministries, Rottweiler Records, The Covenant Metal Show…….. just to name a few from all over the globe. Our mission is to seek rare/hard to find Christian heavy music plus keeping up with current bands/artists and it’s genres, keeping YOU as the listen up to date with current trends and first and foremost expanding the worlds Christian Metal scene and seeing the Gospel preached. 

Metal Blessings,

Christian Sullivan (Founder & Owner of The Metal Onslaught)