Proven Existence Goes Solo

Proven Existence has officially gone solo. The growing black metal project originated out of Russellville, Alabama in 2018, as a solo venture to begin with. The ambiguous figurehead, known as Nocturnal Servant, would go on to record three singles – “No Light, No Compassion“, “Slaughter the Innocent” and “Sweet Mother” – and then hire on drummer/keyboardist Annihilus.

Following those releases, the project went on a hiatus. However, as of November 7, 2019, Nocturnal Servant decided to make the project a solo venture once more, with Annihilus departing from the band. The band would also amicably depart from their label, The Bearded Dragon Productions, home to many other projects of his, including Shekinah and What Brings Ruin. Despite Proven Existences departure, however, the other projects of his remain on the label.

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