Rainforce – Lion’s Den album, Rock And Roll EP, and New Single

Rainforce has taken on a clear agenda. They have decided to carry on the ‘70s and ‘80s rock sound, they are very clear and straight with where their influences come from, and they do it very admirably.

It all started as an idea by guitarist and songwriter Andy La Morte who intended to found a hard rock project with musician friends and focus on hard-rocking music in the spirit of the ’70s / ’80s, accompanied by profound lyrics. Over the years, promising riffs, lyrics and whole songs began to materialize. He presented the idea to his friend Matt Brand, who with his background as a musician, producer and label manager showed full support for Andy’s ambitions.

In 2015, German prog drummer Benjamin Mann became part of the band, and the band name Rainforce with its accompanying logo was created by the Australian graphic artist and drummer legend Jayson Sherlock.

This music is pure love for ’80s rock sound and catches its essence, bringing it back to us who grew up with the ’80s heavier music, but also to the newer generation waiting to fall in love with loud and heavy rock. La Morte’s lyrics are non-compromising and leave no doubt about his personal faith and points of view concerning Christianity.

From not being active for all that many years yet, this band already offers a wide range of material and contributes some great rock for anyone who loves their music loud and heavy. With the founders of the genre, like AC/DC and most others now going to retirement, Rainforce truly provides something not only to the Christian metal scene, but also to the secular one.

Influences: AC/DC, Krokus, Nazareth, Alice Cooper, Scorpions, Stryper, Leviticus, Petra, Whitecross, and X-Sinner.

Lineup: Coming from some different European countries, this truly is a metal project that consists of great hearts for the music and also great teamwork.

Lead vocals, Jordan Cutajar from Malta,

Lead guitarist Michael Piranio, from Germany,

Guitarist and songwriter Andy La Morte, Switzerland,

Drummer Benjamin Mann, from Germany,

Bass and backing vocals, Jan Thomas, Switzerland.

Studio musician Matt Brand, another bassist, and also the band’s producer, is from Switzerland .

The band has a very gifted singer in the Maltesian Jordan Cutajar. He has the ability to mix varied styles and he has an amazing vocal range surely matching Brian Johnson (AC/DC), Rex Scott (X-Sinner/GX Project), Dale Thompson (Bride) or one of my personal favourites in the whole metal scene Roy Khan, former singer of Kamelot.


Lion’s Den, 2017 through Roxx Records.

For this their full length debut Lion’s Den, the band was accompanied by some special and prominent guests: Rex Carroll (Whitecross), Jim La Verde (Barren Cross), Rex D. Scott (X-Sinner, GX), Kevin Wright (ex-Jacob’s Dream), Oliver Schneider (Pÿlon, Exile Rd), Hämu Plüss (Bluesaholics), Philipp Rölli (High\Low City), and Philippe Kreis (ex-Disobedience)

The album offers a variety of different songs, catchy AC/DC-oozing rock songs like “Feed Me (I’m Hungry)“, “My Rock“, which are songs where you can clearly read out their Christian faith, to an instrumental track “Speechless“, where an old German folk instrument contributes to an unique sound.

Track list including special guests:

01. Lion’s Den (with Philipp Rölli)

02. My Rock (with Rex D. Scott)

03. Feed Me (I’m Hungry)

04. I Am Yours (with Rex Carroll)

05. Speechless (with Philipp Rölli)

06. New Jerusalem (with Hämu Plüss)

07. Desert Sand (with Jim LaVerde)

08. The Gods Have Failed (with Philippe “The Greis” Kreis)

09. He Came To Set The Captives Free (with Oliver Schneider & Philipp Rölli)

10. Shine A Light (with Kevin Wright & Philipp Rölli)

EP: Rock and Roll, 2019

The EP consists of four songs, “Rock And Roll“, “In Good Hands“, “Stay Strong” and “Lost Sheep“.

On this EP the band pays tribute to some of their own favorite bands, Christian and non-Christian. I hear of course AC/ DC but also X-Sinner, some Thin Lizzy, also you can clearly hear a bit of Bride in the background somewhere in the riffs and bass in “Stay Strong“.

Lost Sheep” is a ballad, but still in the 80’s rock formula, truly going where Mr. Big, Nazareth and Petra used to take us.

Special guests and notable appearances on the EP are:

Marc Burgherr – additional guitars on “Rock And Roll”

Michael “Ano” Piranio (Whysmansa!d) – lead & solo guitar on “Stay Strong”

Oliver Schneider – solo guitar on “In Good Hands”, keyboard on “Stay Strong”

The EP is available for listening on platforms like iTunes and Spotify.

Newest from the recording studio, November 2019

Rainforce has as a trademark, to bring in great guest vocalists.

For their newest release, an alternate version of their song “In Good Hands“, originally track #2 on their current EP Rock And Roll, they have teamed up with one of the most wanted rock singers of today, Herbie Langhans (from Avantasia, Radiant, VOODOO CIRCLE and ex-Seventh Avenue).

The song starts with an gospel vibe intro and the gospel colouring comes back all the way through in the choruses. Langhans has a very distinct power metal voice, making the song quite different from the original. Still, they stay true to the rock sound, since La Morte (except for the intro) has kept the guitar riffs and guitar solos about the same as in the original. Actually what they do is a cover of their own song, but with the gospel vibes and Langhans’ perfect metal voice. I can’t help but be loving it. With their capability to partner with great vocalists and musicians, it’s interesting and worthwhile to follow Rainforce and see what they will give us next time.

You can find out more about the band through https://www.rainforce.rocks where you can also find how to get the album, or mail order it from online shops like: The Metal Onslaught Store, White Metal Shop, or Nordic Mission.



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