November 10, 2019 Metal Mira 0

Rifferspock formed in 2016 in Coventry, UK. The members knew each other quite well after attending Nexus Christian Music School together. The name Rifferspock comes […]


October 16, 2019 Metal Mira 0

Poltinmerkki started to operate in Kotka Finland, 2002. In the very beginning the band had a different line-up, but in that year of 2002, the […]


August 23, 2019 Metal Mira 0

Do you think Ghost are cool? In my ears they are barely rock musicians. Cool image yes, and that is what makes some metal fans […]

Immortal Souls

August 20, 2019 Metal Mira 0

Immortal Souls, formed in 1991, has recently performed at Rainbow Rock, based in Sweden. The band itself has been around for such a very long […]

Rainforce – Review

August 15, 2019 Metal Mira 0

Even not being active for so many years yet, Rainforce already offers an wide range of material and have the chance to contribute with something […]


August 2, 2019 Metal Mira 0

Poltinmerkki Please note that the following is completely my own opinion and might not reflect the opinion of the rest attending Rainbow Rock or the […]