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When I grew up in my church, dancing was seen as a deep sin. Reading the scripture mostly every day since I was 8 years old, I have not yet found anywhere in the Bible, or anything to confirm that to be true. Rather quite many times God tells us to rejoice. Keep also in mind that King David wrote many songs/psalms and the Bible mentions repeatedly that he and his people also danced. So with nothing in the Bible actually forbidding for Gods people to rejoice and dance, Rifferspock has surely made that one of their trademarks for us that attended Rainbow Rock and something for us to remember them by.

Rifferspock is a four piece rock outfit with a sound ranging from influences in hard rock, metal and pop punk. The band is passionate about creating music and lyrics that provide a voice that influences and impacts people’s lives in a positive way.

The band formed in September 2016 in Coventry, United Kingdom. Since then they have been gigging around their region while also playing gigs in Europe/Switzerland. They also joined the “Blood On Our Hands” tour, alongside the US rock band Waiting for Ravens. After Rainbow Rock in Sweden Rifferspock will be playing at upcoming festivals in 2019 including Audiofeed (USA), and Meltdown (Wales, UK).

Line up:

Jamie Howgill- Lead vocals

Pierre-Etienne Oppliger – Guitar

Rich Taylor – Bass & vocals

Stephen Salalila – Drums

In September 2018 Bradley Meakings stepped down from his role as the lead vocalist, with the band announcing their return in 2019 with Jamie Howgill stepping into the role.

Yet unsigned, Rifferspock released their six-track debut EP entitled Our Time Is Now in November 2017 with the lead singleArrows”. The other tracks are: “Without You”, “Never Give Up”, Together as One”, “Meant To Be” and “Unity”.

The band are currently working on recording new material for release in late 2019.

At the time for Rainbow Rock festival Jamie Howgill had some time off since he just got married. He is replaced over the summer by Peter Soar. He did a fantastic job and proved also to be quite an acrobat, giving the audience fantastic surprises during the show. During the whole festival he kept on sharing his energy to the audience both before and after being on the stage himself. To the great joy of the audience he even accepted fist bumps. As the same with some of the other bands, Rifferspock were not at the festival only for their own performance. They stayed around from the beginning to the end and for the all days of the festival. What they also did was to work closely with the Meltdown and Metal House Ministries, during the festival, to help with sound and lights for the stage. They are true servants of God and contributed to all the great performances each band got to give us during the Rainbow Rock festival. I am so glad that these guys came and shared so much of their brotherly love for others and joy in the Lord.



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