Sacrificium – Back on Track and Ready to Tour

Sacrificium is back on track with new upcoming material and tour dates.

Established in Stuttgart, Germany in 1993, this band has been touring quite extensively thru the years in small and big locations, tours, and festivals, proving their skill beside bands like Extol, Unleashed, Eluveitie, Dismember, Hatesphere and Becoming The Archetype.

During their band history of 27 years they have up to this day made live appearances in 12 different countries.


1st album/CD: Cold Black Piece of Flesh (2002) was released after a few self-produced records as the band signed their first record deal with the German label Whirlwind Records (and scored 7.5/10 in Rock Hard). Basically in the old-school death metal vein but with a significant approach to the modern views of the genre, Sacrificium made clear how they would carry on from that point.

2nd album/CD: Escaping the Stupor (2005, Rock Hard 8/10, Legacy 12/15, Metal News 6/7) was released through the Greek label Black Lotus Records, followed by reviews and interviews in all important magazines around the globe.

3rd album/CD: Prey for Your Gods (2013) was released for the band’s 20th anniversary, and again through the German label Whirlwind Records (Rock Hard 7.5/10, Legacy 12/15).

And their EP The Avowal Of The Centurion (2019) was released on the label Nordic Mission. The band promised this was a foretaste for what will follow in the future.

At the moment they’re working on new material for an upcoming album with what seems to be quite rapidly advancing plans to release their fourth full-length in 2020.

Current Lineup:

Claudio Enzler – Vocals

Wolfgang Nillies – Guitar

Frederik Berger – Guitar

Ulrike Uhlmann – Bass

Thorsten Brandt – Drums

If you desire to see these skill masters of death metal live, you will have some chances during 2020.

Already announced tour dates are:

20-22 of March, Elements of Rock, Switzerland: They will hit the stage of this festival a second time. They also performed at this festival in 2016, and that full live show is available to see on YouTube.

6th-20th of April, Mexico: A full tour is booked. They will rock the Exodo Festival, and also several club shows. 30th July- 1st of August: Alfta, Sweden, Rainbow Rock Festival. Take your chance to see the beautiful landscapes of Sweden, meet and hang out with some really devoted metalheads. This year 400 tickets are given out for free.

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