Back Pocket Prophet

The sound of this band is just so Megadeth that I could listen to these guys only instead of them for the rest of my life. I used to be seriously into different thrash metal bands. Listening to them at home is still nice. But their live shows… turned out to be so boring. A couple of years ago I saw Megadeth at Skogsröjet, an outdoors festival here in Sweden. All Dave Mustaine and Dave Ellefson did during a whole hour show was standing on each side on the stage from the drummer and switching places every other song. Metallica is better live, but still have not all that much happening on the stage. They don´t give that much energy to the audience at all. I started to think that thrash metal performances were supposed to be like that.

Then I saw Back Pocket Prophet and got myself a wonderful surprise. It was great to see them live. At Rainbow Rock about a week ago they gave a great show with lots of energy and headbanging. I´ll be proud to present this to the rest of the world as an Christian thrash metal band, anytime the topic of thrash metal comes up.

During one of the warmest days in Sweden this summer, Dan Random performed without any shirt on and him and Vic Barton looked exactly like Vikings, and together with, Joakim Sehlstedt and Gabriel Cade, all of them toiled onstage together as thrashers. He blamed the heat and we understood him completely. For us people of the upper North, who are used to a lot of bare skin in July and August, he totally pulled that off and we loved it. Later he came with some excuses to his UK countrymen for performing shirtless, but we from Sweden, Finland and Norway, we took him and the rest of the band straight to our hearts.

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