Safekeeper is a band from Vaasa, Finland, who are striving to create music from the heart, combining influences of nu-metal and thrash/punk. The idea was sown in the winter of 2016 but the music and creation of content was not there until the winter of 2019. Zackarias Böckelman, the creator of the band, had been writing but not completing music for a long time when the idea came to him. This song is the first release from the coming EP, From the Darkest Valley.

The song is AWESOME! The intro is text from my favorite Psalm, the 23rd. After that it continues with all I could wish from a metal song. The vocals are so fantastic! I can’t help myself to compare the growling parts with the Viking metal band Amon Amarth, I hope I don’t offend the songwriter with that comparison… I’m always looking for Christian alternatives to secular music that I love. With songwriters like him, the Finnish Christian metal scene has a bright future ahead. Looking forward to hearing the rest of this EP.

Authorized To Crank It UP!!

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