New Project Finding Steam

I am somewhat a fan of collaborations!! When you like, or are a die hard fan of certain artists in bands that you either grew up with or have just heard of over the years, it creates excitement over what that particular artist or artists will create alongside fellow musicians who may share the same genre or the love of the craft of writing music.

Of course, the most memorable in my eyes is Freddie Mercury, the members of Queen and David Bowie with the famous track “Under Pressure”, and the supergroup The Travelling Wilburys with Jeff Lynne of ELO (Electric Light Orchestra), George Harrison (The Beatles), Tom Petty (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers), Bob Dylan and the big O, Roy Orbison. Even some of us metalheads love the sounds and careers of these wonderful artists who brought joy and still are continuing to do so for all of us around the world.

Even, with people I know within this industry who have joined in the ways of the collaborations, mainly one that comes to mind is bassist and founding Petra member John DeGroff, with his progressive rock releases Salt & Salt2, that feature guests John Schlitt and Greg Hough (Petra) and Shawn Browning (Grave Robber).

This is what fellow musicians fronted by vocalist Chaz Bond (Biogenesis, Jacob’s Dream & Letters to the Blind), guitarist Ryan Roebuck (Motivik & Ritual Servant) and rhythm guitarist AndrĂ© Chiang (Shamash, Necromanicide & Tritunggal) have formed, a new melodic metal band entitled Vultures Gathering. The trio are currently writing their first full-length release which is yet to be named.

Authorized To Crank It UP!!

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