Broken Flesh – An Era Coming To A Close

When death metal outfit Broken Flesh burst onto the scene in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in 2004, it was at a time where the genre in itself saw a decline as the likes of deathcore and metalcore with bands such as Limp Bizkit or Linkin Park slamming the charts.

Over the last 17 years the band has released three full-length albums: Forever In Flames (2009), Warbound (2013) and Broken Flesh (2015), with a number of personnel changes, to their current line-up with founding member Kevin Tubby – lead vocalist/guitar, Bryan Nikkel – bass, and fellow founding member Brandon Lopez – drums.

The band’s final show was booked for The Hasten Revelation tour with Taking The Head Of Goliath, Abated Mass Of Flesh, Crimson Thorn and Cardiac Rupture, before Kevin contracted some health problems and unfortunately the band had to step down from the tour to be replaced by Mexican act My Place Was Taken.

As 2020 became a big year for all during the covid19 pandemic, but as we ventured into 2021, Kevin Tubby booked some shows for the band, but as time wore on his health wasn’t improving which had made the band cease their tour earlier the year before. So, just recently Kevin had announced on social media that the band was no longer capable of touring or playing live shows due to his ill-health, however he also assured the fans that it wasn’t the end of the band, but the end of an era of tours and live performances.

But, it doesn’t finish there……..

Broken Flesh have announced one more final show as an epic send-off in their home city of Oklahoma with Center Of Disease, Arkhon, Taking The Head Of Goliath, Abated Mass Of Flesh, Will Grim Brown and Discordia on Saturday 14th August, with advanced tickets at $7 and $10 on the day of the show. Doors open at 5pm.

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