Zahna Dropping New Music Video

Photo By - Jeanette Yoder Photography

Songstress Suzahna Madsen, based in San Antonio, Texas, who goes by the alias Zahna has been very active for quite a number of years with husband Patrick Madsen and her band.

She quickly became an immediate fan favorite with her blend of aggressive hard alternative rock that bursts with high energy, and incredible live outings that show off her professionalism as a whole package. This highly talented young lady has been expressing herself for quite some time now in a way that speaks to many young people who continually struggle with day to day life.

Earlier in November we learned that her upcoming brand new full-length album entitled Stronger Than Death, four years in the making, has been scheduled for its official release on 02/10/2023. Currently pre-orders are already available via the artist’s website

On top of that, Zahna’s brand new music video premiere “Die For Something”, that also features Nesdam (aka Patrick Madsen) will be dropping on Thursday the 1st of December, at 5pm PST. Don’t miss this.

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