Interview – With Steve C Kite Jr, From”Touch of Heaven Entertainment”


Mike M: So what made you want to start touch of heaven entertainment?

Steven C Kite Jr – I started Touch of Heaven Entertainment LLC as a way to give back to artist in the music industry. To give them a label that is willing to let them be who they truly are. To allow artist give their fans music that is truly them and not something label created. I started Touch of Heaven Entertainment to make others people’s dreams of being in the music and entertainment industries a reality!

Mike M: That’s awesome  is Touch of Heaven Entertainment faith based?

StevenTouch of Heaven Entertainment is a independent record label and talent agency that is founded on Christian principles. With that being said we are open to all genres of music, but we guarantee any artist that you will always get an honest and professional company that is very transparent from day one.

Mike M: What do you offer bands signing with touch of heaven entertainment?

Steven – TOHE offers its artists one of the hardest working owners in the business. We offer artists the opportunity to take their careers as far as they want to go. We will work as hard as the artist works to ensure they have everything they need to take their careers to the next level. We promise never to promise something we can’t deliver. We offer artist a label where they are not artist that make the label money,  but they are Family!

Mike M: What is your biggest artist right now?

Steven – Currently, our biggest artist is Noon The Artist.  He is a R&B/Hip-hop artist who is based in Sacramento, California.

Mike M : Have you signed any other bands or artists?

Steven – We currently have a Christian contemporary band called The Afflicted, We have have an artist by the name of Darci Danielle, Shay-Baby and an R&B artist named Tasha Lynn. We are in the process of signing at least 3 other artists and two more bands. And will announce those as they become officially signed.

Mike M: Awesome. If you could tell a artist or a band that might read this. What is one thing about you and Touch of Heaven Entertainment . What would it be?

Steven – If there was one thing I would say It’s that Touch of Heaven Entertainment is where your dreams become reality, because your family and family always makes sure family succeed.

Mike M: Can you tell our readers more about you how you got into the business?

Steven – Yeah well, to be honest, I got into the music industry, because my first passion football was taken away, due to a career ending double knee injury in high school. However, my passion for music was always there and I decided to combine it with my passion for helping others and Touch of Heaven Entertainment was born.

Mike M: What’s Touch of Heaven Entertainment’s goals moving forward?

Steven – Touch of Heaven Entertainment’s goals for moving forward is to help as many artists to become household names as possible and grow our brand and label as a major presence in the music industry and entertainment industry both here in the United States and Worldwide! We want to give the artist a platform and to be who they truly are, to build relationships in the music and entertainment industries that will redefine how the music and entertainment industries treat their talent!

Mike M: Anything exciting happening in 2023 you can tell our readers about?

Steven – Well, we have a lot of things that are in the planning stages but, not ready to release the details just yet. The readers should definitely keep an eye out for several amazing things coming in 2023 from Touch of Heaven Entertainment and our artists!

Mike M: Awesome, I know your a very busy man so thank you for taking the time to do this interview, I really appreciate it and I believe out reads will super interested you what you had to say I’ll  let you get back to work thank you again. God bless.

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