Fields Of Sorrow – Fear Not (Album Review)

Dude, it’s been a while since I reviewed these guys, not to mention in finding the time to do it, among other things but, we are moving forward more with this and needs must be met.

If you haven’t heard of Fear Not, they formed in Los Angeles, California 1987 as Reaction, then renamed themselves Love Life in 1989 and released a full length Goodbye Lady Jane (1991). The boys again decided to change to the name Fear Not in 1992, which they have kept ever since.

The band released their self titled Fear Not in 1993, then never heard of again, until the band decided to reform in 2019 to release an EP For The Wounded Heart on the label Roxx Records, and is where the band have stayed ever since.

Their brand new album Fields Of Sorrow has been a long, long wait for fans of the band, as new music from Eddie Green (Vocals), Larry Worley (Rhythm Guitars), Gary Hanson (Drums), Rod Romero (Bass) and Chris Sorensen (Lead Guitars), you can expect something good from these veterans of hard rock.

The album kicks of with the song “Riptide”, which is a good hard rocking introduction for this new album, we believe you always need a solid track to open for full lengths, as it sets the tone throughout the rest of the album. Blues driven hard rock with melodic driving guitars, gives this song a solid move forward. Next up, “Voluntary Madness” keeps within the blues aspect of the band which, knuckles down with sweet licks and interludes to entice new listeners into hard rock.

The title track “Fields Of Sorrow” rattles you as it comes into play, the rasp vocals of Eddie seriously creates an amazing feel with the melodies sweeping you away. I would put this one into the books as being a hard rocking track for radio airplay any day. A nice blend of shouts are added for effect. “Lay It Down” slows the current tempo down, for as we all know, a good album needs a ballad. Reminding me of the alternative hard rock band Guardian back in 1992 with their Miracle Mile era.

When you have songs like “Join Together” added into the fold, the consistency of this release is widely shown, in which is a testament to these guys, who just know how to rock and roll. “Black Soul Sunshine” continues to grow this already impressive release, I’m not being overly biased for these gentleman, but you can’t deny the energy and professionalism behind this.

The previously released single “Struggle” comes into play with catchy riffs and choruses that finds you caught of guard as you sing along with this song which has been a fan favorite for quite a while now. “Into The Grave” carries its own uniqueness, as still holding its own, you know what to expect with these lads, soaring guitar solos and slowed down crunching goodness that doesn’t get old.

“American Prayer” heads towards the ballad stage again as you would expect this far along into an album that has blistered right across all blues driven hard rock. A nice break up from what you would have currently witnessed. “Gods Country” continues where American Prayer left off, however for whatever reason I feel to pick up some bourbon whisky, as this track reminds me of the proud Americans based in the country plains of Texas and around those areas where it’s hot, dusty and touches on those elements.

After such a journey throughout this stellar release from Fear Not, their reprise of “Carry Me” finishes off the latest album with elegance and heart felt goodness.

Overall, Field Of Sorrows does NOT disappoint by any stretch of any imagination. To think that we are in 2022 and there is still great music coming out, gives my heart joy and a reassurance that we are on the right track.

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10/10 Christian Sullivan – The Metal Onslaught Magazine

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