The Metal Onslaught EXCLUSIVE: The Lost Betrayal Tapes – Part II

Continuing on from what we started last week, we give you exclusive video footage, as former thrash metal band Betrayal front man Chris Ackerman takes us back to their video recordings of their live performances throughout the lifetime of the group, through the early ’90s.

Sit back, relax and enjoy this almost hour-long show and take your time to read through Chris’s own notes below of this throwback to 1991, and also some insight into the band of long ago.

Wow, what a difference 3.5 months make! I went from reserved, to a raging monster! LOL! The quality of this show is not the best, but a few things stick out to me.

This was obviously before we recorded Renaissance by Death as my vocals on the chorus of “More Faith Than Me” are different than the album, as Ceaser worked hard on me to do things differently when we were recording in the studio. Also, it was (probably) the first time we performed “Assassins in the Midst” live since you can see how everyone stops jumping around and focuses on their playing (LOL).

I love watching late Matt Maners running back and forth across the stage and Brian Meuse is absolutely on fire here. A killer version of “Frantic” is featured here with myself and Marcus hitting the pit, and him while playing the song! As far as my vocals, one memory stands out. I couldn’t not turn off. While I am talking to the crowd between the songs I am still screaming and in my head I’m telling myself, “Stop screaming and just talk like a normal person in between the songs”, but I literally could not find the “Off” button!

This is a great view of Betrayal firing on all cylinders and having a ton of fun with each other.

Track listing:

  • Prophets of Baal
  • Escaping the Altar
  • Fear Be Gone
  • Frantic
  • Mortal Flesh
  • More Faith Than Me
  • Assassins in the Midst
  • Please the Blood
  • When Darkness Reigns

First Baptist Church Postscript: The Betrayal hoodie I am wearing in the video (custom made) was eventually passed to my son. When it got too small for him, it was then given to my daughter, who still wears it today.

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