Eleos – Parasite

Eleos is a hardcore/metal band from Kristiansand, Norway and was established in 2006.

I would define the music style as hardcore/metal with influences of punk and rock n´ roll. Their vocalist Per Ambjørn Hvarnes is singing in a style that most fans of hardcore accept and feel comfortable with straight away.

Current Line Up:

Per Ambjørn Hvarnes – Vocals

Atle Gjelsås Bjorå – Guitar

Magnus Espeseth – Guitar

Bjørnar Moum Jacobsen – Bass

Vegard Børjesson – Drums

The discography to be found released on the media platforms this far are three EP´s:

Leaving The Past (2009)

Love Shaped Hole (2018)

Parasite (2022)

With song titles such as “Finding Your Way”, “Bleeding Soul“, “Love Shaped Hole” and “Home”, these tracks are handling topics that most Christians can resonate with.

Their third EP Parasite, was released in May this year (2022 ) and has continued with the same hardcore sound with their guitarists, adding punk and rock n´ roll vibes that make this band standout a bit from other Christian hardcore acts. I hear this specially in the tracks “No Hand In Sight” and “Everything”.

Asking the drummer of the band for their influences he lists: Zao, Cult of Luna, Sibiir, Everything in Slow Motion and Benea Reach.

Personally I haven’t listened a lot to any of those bands, but I really appreciate the sound and image of Eleos and hope to hear a lot more from them. The song “Love Shaped Hole” will always have a special place in my heart after they performed it so well at Rainbow Rock 2019 and also gave an encore by my request. I’m pleased with the newest EP and hope for them to continue to develop the music and sound and releasing an album in the future.



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