Diamonds To Dust – “Survivors Torment”

The Christian metal/deathcore band Diamonds To Dust, from Poughkeepsie, New York, is working on a new album. Earlier this month they released a single from their coming fifth album called “Survivors Torment”.

Line upChristian Roche – Lead vocals Brandon Zablocki – Lead guitar Barry Hogue – Rhythm guitar and backing vocals Brandon Whitaker – Bass player and backing vocals Melvin Hogue – Drums

Record Label – Manifest Records

During their 10 active years the sound has shifted between brutal deathcore and occasionally some more melodic metal with clean vocals. At the hole a very good discography to listen to. When I heard Corpus Christi it immediately became a special song to me. And thousands of other metalcore fans seem to agree. Until today the song has over 250 000 sterams on Spotify and the band has more than 9000 monthly listeners and with new songs out and on the way that number is surely about to increase.

The band has not been on the lazy side at all, they released another single/ Ep with two songs, Plight Of The Wicked and Equality Is An Illusion (2022), adding yet another two strong song to their catalogue. While waiting for more new material I would recommend to catch up with the lyric video to Plight Of The Wicked, since it gives a good idea about what the band is trying to mediate to their fans.

With Survivors Torment they manage again to add something new to their sound. This time with operatic choirs by Misstiq, keeping their fans always on the edge, not losing the interest, making us really look forward what more there will be to discover on the new album.

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