Introducing – Diatheke

We usually try and write these articles with an open mind, especially when it comes to new bands that we hear about, we all know that social media is the main culprit these days when it comes to finding something new. Death metal as a whole has evolved throughout the years that I remember when it was just one brutal onslaught of sound, especially when you have the standards of Cannibal Corpse, Death, Deicide, Mortification and Napalm Death to consider.

Death metal goes back as far as 1983, originating with the band Possessed from the San Francisco Bay area that released their 1985 debut album Seven Churches. The members of the band actually cited Venom and Motorhead as the main influences to their sound, but it wasn’t until the band Death which formed in 1984 in Florida, that has been touted as the grandfathers of death metal, and that was the true start of the genre. Diatheke originates from Dallas, Texas and Plattsburgh, New York. The trio consists of John Wesley (bass/vocals), Michael Osborne on drums and vocals, and Dallas McNeely on guitars. They are a melodic and dramatic progressive death metal band that have just released a month or so ago, their brand new single “Splendour” which can be found on Bandcamp and YouTube. The band have been using inspirational scriptures from the Bible to write their lyrical content and music, so check them out.

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