Come All You Weary – Kardia Complex Single Review

We’ve been hearing a lot from the Kardia Complex lately…. Well, when you’re Jamie Kucinski it’s the absolute norm when it comes to social media domination. As a vision from long ago to bring this project together, the timing was never right, but we have followed along throughout his musical journey with long-time fellow brother and musician Aaron Smith in Far From Sanity and to most recently XIII Minutes.

When we first heard the news that Jamie was bringing XIII Minutes to a close at the peak of their popularity, he was talking about this project Kardia Complex which has been labelled as a rock-worship fusion that would still be immersed within the culture and community that have been very faithful to his past endeavors and with his business entity Mpact Events. With the likes of Serpent Stomp and with his love for the local music scene in Tulsa, OK, the business has been a total success story from the beginning with much hard work and prayer.

Holding strong in his faith, Jamie has teamed up with Larry Worley (Fear Not) and Cody Lee (Brightside Flight) who have featured on the project’s brand new debut single “Come All You Weary”. It has elements of a rock ballad with a melodic XIII Minutes-like sound that I have come to be very fond of, adding heartfelt verses that speak to a lot of people who feel downhearted or downtrodden in many ways. With stunning guitar solos that exercise the quality of depth therefore shown, to what you can imagine between such a group of talented musicians.

Jamie is currently still constructing a like-minded group of talented collaborators from all over the music community, in which many are known for their past or present links through fellow connections within the family bubble that has been created by many of the independent bands, labels, radio programs and of course magazines that share the same heartbeat for great music with not only an uplifting message, but also music that can speak to the soul.

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