Sacrificium signed with Vision Of God Records.


The German band Sacrificium recently announced through their social media that they joined the well-known record label as follows:

“We’re happy and thankful to announce we signed a contract with Vision of God Records for our old releases! There will be new copies available from our old stuff, which was sometimes hard to get due to lack of them. Additional we will search for some material we can put on the remastered CDs such as bonus tracks. Thanks to Vision of God Records for making this possible! “

The label announced on the official website, the album Cold Black Piece of Flesh will be completely remastered with new cover art and 3 bonus tracks included:

  1. Cold Piece of Flesh
  2. Come Closer
  3. Existence
  4. Killing with Style
  5. Zustand Tod
  6. Labyrinth
  7. Kill Me
  8. Psalm of an Unborn
  9. Paupers Grave
  10. Vast
  11. Pauper’s Grave (Mortal Fear Demo Bonus Track)
  12. In Your Eyes (Mortal Fear Demo Bonus Track)
  13. Psalm of an Unborn (Mortal Fear Demo Bonus Track)

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