Eonia Debut E.P 2021

Eonia is a melodic, powerful and elegant progressive metalcore band. Its cinematic atmosphere conveys us soundscapes to where the guitar is the architect and designer of aesthetical and surreal experiences. Their chords, riffs, and melodies don’t rush into a dizzying sprint of unbridled energy like in many extreme metal bands. Eonia is different, because the band does display enough strength and intensity in their music, but with dynamic compositions full of details to which enough attention must be paid.

The delays and reverbs that are perceived on the studio makeup, fulfill the pursuit of giving depth to its sound  and the right aesthetical orientation. I do not mean the guitar sounds nice or that it provides a bunch or guitar arrangements – it certainly does it – but also this perception is quite relative for everyone. By aesthetic I mean that it manages to provoke gentle sensations and well-being, without sacrificing potency.

Regarding the progressive and cinematic sound of Eonia, my experience was odd, because sometimes it seemed to me that Eonia‘s metalcore transported me to the sands of Międzyzdroje during a sunset, on the shores of the imposing Baltic Sea, a faithful witness of the changes in the life of the Nordic people, while it remains perennial and immanent. But when looking at the cover of the latest E.P Devotion (2021) I also imagined exotic polychromatic landscapes of Jupiterian moons, or entering quantum dimensions formed with colorful fractal shapes, a sort of psychedelic vision.

Eonia‘s music is a metalcore that can be listened to for moments of mystical contemplation and ecstasy, one can really benefit from it.

Personally, I would have liked to hear some song similar to Longevity from 2020, where there are chanting with clean voices, that managed to give it a more impressive touch.

I recommend listening to this band formed by the talented guitarist Gabriel Smith and the vocalist Kenny Flores, both from USA.

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