Three unexpected cover songs worth to listen in to

It´s a bit rare that Christian bands make covers of a song from another Christian band, but the phenomenon do exist. In this article I list three of my favorites that I came across:

Deutoronomeum – Red River Original by One Bad Pig. Known for their very distinct Death Metal sound and lyrics often handling battle and topics quite clear to get in to like in the songs The Amen and Nazorean. This cover , might come as an surprise, but non the less worth listening in to. The profound lyrics of the bad boy seeking attention sounds great in this gothic rock/ heavy metal version:

Peter 118 – Seven Original by Bloodgood. This Christian punk band based in UK really makes the song justice doing it in their very own Punk rock way. If my information is correct they came up with the idea to do the cover after both bands attended and played at Rainbow rock festival 2017 in Sweden. Great song with great lyrics that fits great in to a punk outfit. Just too good to miss:

Stryper – Jesus Is Just alright Original by Doobie Brothers I really liked this song from the album “No More Hell To Pay” immediately from the first time I heard it. I also recognized it, but I had to think a while from where, it was so familiar. At the same time I was sure it wasn´t a Stryper original. I was a bit surprised when I realized it was one of the songs I remember my mother playing on her vinyl player in my childhood. A bit surprising, but a good choice of a song to cover:

Written by MetalMira 6 of March 2021

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