Shadowmourne: Where Black Metal and WOW meet.

Shadowmourne Band

In the MMORPG World Of Warcraft, Shadowmourne is a legendary mighty two-handed axe which is a quest reward, in the expansion of Wrath Of the Lich King.

Shadowmourne is something apparently evil that fights the evil itself. It is an analogy about how an unblack metal project can fight against evil influences of hate, misanthropy, and blasphemy that have infected extreme metal music.

Fundamentally, Shadowmourne is a Christian black metal band that transports its listeners to the frozen wastelands of black metal but with the positive message of hope through God’s grace.

Shadowmourne offers a reflection of concepts such as corruption, demonic influences and ultimately encourages to quell the edgelords where they stand. Some songs are inspired by Warcraft lore as parables that point to inner conflicts and demonic influences. Moreover, it criticizes the state of the world of today.

Hagah Recordings, a branch of Rottweiler Records has signed Shadowmourne to their roster. Congratulations to Zerachiel, the mastermind of Shadowmourne and Incarnate Deity. Click over the image to listen to the newest single: “Frostmourne Hungers released on March 4.

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