Ocean Dark Settling For DarkTunes

The thing about the European rock and metal scene is that it is so diverse in its creative edge, that it leads the way for more westernized cultures to fall in love with and adapt to their new sounds, compiling the structures that have mesmerized generations as when bands such as Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden took over for world domination.

As the branches grew and as more subgenres emerged, it’s hard not to appreciate the many facets of the metal genre, especially when it comes to the hard rock scene. When the likes of the band Ghost hit the scene, it was like the whole mainstream again took a turn into another, darker direction with the sound they portray towards the general public.

One band that has followed in similar footsteps is Finnish dark rock outfit Ocean Dark. Their blend of melodic pop metal with northern catchy melodies is raising the bar yet again to an audience who would be so willing and eager to hear, and Ocean Dark have just announced that they have just signed to German label darkTunes.

The members consist of professional and well known Finnish musician Olli Helenius (vocals), Miko Tekoniemi (guitars) – who has been touted as one of the hottest young talents in Finland – Tommi Huuskonen (bass) who is a long time collaborator with Olli over 15 years, and Nikke Karaksela (drums), the younger brother of Villa Karaksela, who mixed and mastered the band’s 2020 release, the six-track EP Voice To The Nations.

The band is currently working on their yet-untitled debut full-length through the label, with a music video featuring a single from the album. The band are still keeping hush-hush with upcoming information and keeping us in the dark, as I suspect was being part of the deal that was struck. I would have to say honestly that their upcoming music is laying upon the shoulders an expectation that seems fit to be expressed, especially with the quality of these professional and highly ranked upcoming stars.



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