Introducing – Meet Your Maker

It’s not every day that you get to write about cool new hard music coming out of the United Kingdom, especially when Christian music is concerned. Yes, we have the likes of long time rockers Stairway and also well known punk band Peter118, which have created waves within the punk scene in a mixed positive and unpopular way through secular and mainstream circles.

Bands that are also making a mark on the current scene right now are British new wave metal band Wytch Hazel based in Lancashire. In which we at the magazine are still trying to work out if they are the real deal in the Christian music scene, which to us does pose the question. Others bands include, Coventry rock band Vamoosery and Bristol’s death/doom metal group Of Bronze And Fire.

Birmingham has always been the home for metal within the UK since the incarnation of Black Sabbath in 1968, the metal scene has increased dramatically with Napalm Death, Benediction and the most renowned of all Judas Priest.

Birthed out of Revolution Reality, Birmingham, through the ministry of former Sleeping Giant front man Tommy Green, Meet Your Maker is a band that have burst onto the scene with much planning and anticipation with the release of their brand new single “The Risen King”. Identified as a praise-core or preach-core genre, the band consists of Matt McKay (Vocals), Beth Burch and Josh Swan (Guitars) and Pete Cornell on drums, with Ross McQueen that produced and cowrote the single. The band are currently seeking for a bass player to fit the same heart and desire with this upcoming group from the Midlands and Black country.

We are certainly looking forward to what is going to happen within the new year of 2021, because let’s face it, we need light shining upon this world that is struggling with darkness.

Lyric Video Created by Tim Williams

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