Soaring Into The New Year With Style

Paul Roraback is a prime example of a passionate musician who has shown many facets of his longevity, since he first became a public figure among the industry with his alternative/grunge band Grammatrain back in 1994 with Paul on Drums, his brother Dalton Roraback on bass and the remarkable Pete Stewart on Vocals and Guitar duties.

With a stint with Bloodgood during their To Germany With Love! release and playing drums on some live current shows over the last few years, the artist has also been an engineer, co producer and fill in drummer for the acclaimed punk and metal crossover band One Bad Pig.

Paul, however during this time has been making his own unique musical masterpieces with his project PJ Bostic. His music along with Grammatrain’s single “The Last Sound” had also caught close attention to the ears of U.S.A. comedic legend Drew Carey (The Drew Carey Show, Who’s Line Is It Anyway, The Simpsons, Conehead, Family Guy and The Aristocrats), which Drew is also co-owner of the Football/Soccer team Seattle Sounders. Since the love of the game came about when he watched his first ever game with L.A. Galaxy back in 2003 in California.

Since his first released album “Bullies At The Border” (2009), and his follow up album “Light Me On” (2015), including his recently released single that was revealed earlier this year in July “The Camera Lie”, Paul Roraback is ready for a new incarnation within his well-established career, which is scheduled to be released in 2021. No dates have yet to be confirmed, but his new delivery entitled “Faith Of Least Resistance”, which will see the light of day, somewhat within the new year.

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