5 Female Fronted Metal bands

Five female fronted Christian metal bands that have made releases in 2020 that you shouldn´t miss:

Shannon Graham, World Breaker

Together with her husband Jay Graham they create their own unique type of metal. As the vocalist, screamer, pianist and production artist of the group, while Jay performs all the guitar, bass, drums and recording/production they create the music in their in-home studio, World Breaker Studios. With a mix of beautiful clean vocals and screams all sang by Shannon the album Conduit is one of my favorite releases this year.

Gold, Frankinsence & Myrrh: GFM Lulu, Maggie and CJ English

Never giving up on their unique genre of beautycore, these three sisters are winning more and more fans with their innovative way to interact tirelessly with their fans through social media like TikTok and their own YouTube channel. This year the E.P. Operation Take Over was released. The song Taking Over has started hitting the top of radio playlists, different charts and the band also got attention from the press.

Lindsey Almos, AndEver

Formed as an acoustic duo with her husband Steven Almos, she first began writing songs that they felt could impact the world in a positive way. They as a partnership have been creating music for a while, when the album Pathways was released in 2013, followed by their E.P. Reconstruct (2018).

This year we were given their latest effort Current Tiers Chapter I, which is the first leg of a two piece release, which will be released sometime in the near future. For me being a huge fan of symphonic metal and bands like Within Temptation and Tarja Turunen (formerly of Nightwish) this is the closest Christian alternative to them I’ve heard so far.

Courtney Napier, Timoratus

This band started out as more of an experiment to learn harsher sounds and to learn about music in general. The music of this band has altered a lot between black, doom and grind. But, lyrically they don’t hesitate to take on any topic that interests them.

Handling serious topics like sin, death and then all the way to humor. The latest release can most simply be described as comedy metal, telling us a whole story about how they live their lives as the worlds most mediocre metal band. They are also joined by some of their good friends from some other bands making this album worth listening through several times over.

Jenny “ 4C” Ramirez, Saving Jackie

Three former members of JOA reunited in early 2019. They then entered into a new era with a new vibe as they started Saving Jackie, as a rap/rock group with a message of redemption for new life. Early this year they released an self titled E.P. with three tracks.

This is for fans of Rage Against The Machine, but female fronted and with Christian lyrics.

This article was interesting to write and I hope to be able to write something similar by the end of next year.



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