Introducing – His Kingdom Suffers

Welcome back to our Introducing part of our magazine, where we look at introducing new artists and bands making a mark early on their careers and for those you need to hear.

Judging by what we have come across so far in 2020, we are stunned with the quality of music coming out at the moment. You do generally get a half dozen releases that come out each year that meet with the holy cow factor which to me is a great thing, even though throughout this year has met many snags for many.

There have been numerous amounts of solo projects surrounding us over the years, some have been good and others not as much, but we always like to give credit where credit is due.

In this episode we would like to introduce solo grindcore/deathcore band hailing from North Carolina, His Kingdom Suffers. The project consists of Andrew Harrison (Vocals/Drums) with his counterpart Ryan Reedy who also writes and performs the guitar pieces, to which even goes a step further to recording, mixing and mastering the bands music, which was revealed via his interview with Beyond The Grave last May.

The projects first full album release in 2018 entitled The Aether & The Veil that showcased brutality, that you knew this young man was onto something. Not only was the songwriting great, you could also hear the sheer professionalism behind what they did, for yourself to take notice quite quickly.

The single Suffering Of The Mind soon followed up in February 2020, to guide ourselves into the direction that the band dared to take their next steps into their strong stance in musicianship and creativity.

In mid-November 2020 the new single “Spiritual Warfare” jumped out at us like a thunderous storm which can be only be described as insanely good. With watching a Facebook video as Andrew performed on drums, was on point with every facet imaginable. The high quality of the recording was something you would hear from a major label and the ease of performing the speed and accuracy that has been expressed can only mean, it won’t be long until a label will pick this man and his project His Kingdom Suffers up.

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