New Life Breathed Into Tortured Conscience

In an age currently where we are seeing a small decline in new music being released, many bands and artists especially those from long ago are finding their past exploits making there way to the remastering table to either improve on what bands have seeming thought that lacked from their original releases.

Death metal outfit Tortured Conscience based in San Francisco, California were last seen on Bombworks Records back in 2006 with their only solo full length album “Every Knee Shall Bow”, which showed a lot of promise in a time where death metal was being overshadowed by the ever increasing emo, metalcore and deathcore culture.

The band found themselves knowing that they weren’t satisfied with the final outcome of the 2006 album, so after 14 years they decided to team up with Charles Powell of Battlefrost Productions to have their record Every Knee Shall Bow cleaned up and being completely remixed and remastered.

Founding member Jeff Lenormand (Guitar/Bass) has revealed in a small promotional interview, that since the work has been completed on the new remastered version, that the album sounds 1000 times better than the original version which is scheduled for release on 24th November 2020.

Our current review of the new and improved album is in the works as we speak.

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