My Life In a Mediocre Metal Band – TIMŌRĀTUS (Album Review)

Being a Christian metalhead is sometimes a lonely patch. Your brothers and sisters in your church, if it’s a good church, will accept you – but most of them will never really understand your interest in heavy music. Most non-Christians will not understand how you can love metal to the extent you do, but still need to talk about God, Jesus, the Bible and the church. I must tell you that I have had people looking at me as a freak of nature when I have shared what Jesus has done for me in my life, but also what it is I love about metal music.

Yes, it’s a lonely patch at times, but TIMŌRĀTUS just made the patch feel less lonely. The album is built like an concept album, so the intention isn’t just take out one song and listen to it on repeat. Just get ready to be entertained in awesome metal style and press go.


  • Best Show
  • Are We There Yet?
  • Biggest Fan
  • Day Jobs
  • Chasing Trends
  • Band Meeting
  • Creative Control
  • (Don’t Be) That Guy
  • Christmas Present Chaos
  • Record Deal

The band is a husband and wife team consisting of David and Courtney Napier. For this album they invited in some friends. I was happy to discover appearances from Mason Beard (Risen, Symphony Of Heaven) on vocals and Logan Thompson (Elgibbor, Enemy Of Satan, Holy Hand Of Winter, Symphony Of Heaven) on guitar and vocals on some tracks. Also you don’t want to miss the guitar solo on “Day Jobs” by Peter Watson from Elephant Watchtower.

Stylistically the album consists of a lot of different sounds, including metal, death, grind, doom, spoken word added with electronic music, and ‘core elements, even something called “mathcore”.

Lyrically it’s humorous. Very funny and entertaining. We get to follow the band out on tour from their “best show”, out on the road, meeting fans and back to the life after touring. We visit an audition and some band meetings and finally get to be there for when they get a record deal. All presented as an comedy with no arrogance at all.

We are all invited to a wild metal ride with a lot of brillant humour. I’m just happy to follow along anywhere where my loveable brothers and sisters in Christ want to take me. No need to overanalyze, but if quarantine and distancing creates this kind of stuff it’s not all bad.

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