New Doom Is Impending

Brook Reeves

With current world trendings right now there hasn’t really been much good news across the world with a viral pandemic causing calamity to us as a whole and in our communities across the nations. With social distancing and the closure of many venues that allow numbers of people to congregate which have closed their doors, through government instruction.

This has caused many musical artists to either perform on live video or via Zoom which allows a large amount of people to watch their set or show. Some other musicians have taken this time to create new music, as deathcore giants Impending Doom have just announced last Saturday during this difficult time.

The band haven’t been slouching around in the slightest, but have been using the time efficiently working on new material, as they boast the best to date that is following up to their 2018 incarnation “The Sin and Doom Vol. II” on eOne Music.

The announcement came via their Facebook page and here is what they had to say:

Out Now on all good music retailers and streaming services

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