Superunknown Inks New Deal

Automatically the headline is exactly what most people might be thinking.. Who is this??

Well, firstly if anyone is familiar with the Indian hardcore project R.A.I.D. you would immediately recognise Rueban Issac from the band that has currently released two full-length albums The Strong Survive (2018) and Imperium (2019) through American Fort Wayne metal label Rottweiler Records.

Superunknown is a family affair as Rueban’s brother Yohan Issac is the other member of this dynamic duo who is on guitar and bass duties respectively, bringing a different element to Rueban’s previous efforts. The band are identified as an alternative metal outfit with grunge influences that add a different dimension to this current project.

The band have just signed a deal with Rottweiler Records that will continue the musical inspirations of the Issac brothers, which in turn have released a free debut single “Bite The Bullet” via the band’s Bandcamp store through the Rottweiler group.

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