Nattesorg – Velkomen Til Himmelriket

Nattesorg recently made a re-release of a album originally released in 2011, now with one extra track, on an Unblack Metal Scene label split with Desmodus Rotundus

The album title is Velkomen Til Himmelriket. Translated to English the title is “Welcome to The Kingdom of Heaven”

With this title track of the album and other songs with titles like “Sorgløs Fremtid” (Future Without Sorrow) and “Jesus Døde For Deg” (Jesus Died For You), there’s no doubt what you get lyrically. And as their previously released single “In Time It Will Happen” already gave us a hint of, this is again truly following the black metal sound all the way thru. No flirting with any other sound.

Bringing this to us from Hordaland, Norway, it’s certain that it is true, raw, and pure unblack metal sound that we get. If you’re not sure which unblack metal album to add to your collection, at least have a listen to this one, and check out all their other eight releases on Bandcamp.

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