GROMS To Make A Comeback In Norway

With all of those who have been part of the Christian metal scene for as long as I have, and especially throughout the death metal genre, we all may know the Norwegian band Groms.

Over the last few weeks, hints of the quartet have been circling across social media about whether the band is re-releasing their only album to date Ascension which was released way back in 1994.

Since their last live show back in 1996 about 23 years ago, the boys at Nordic Mission have something to say…..

Nordic Fest is a well-respected metal festival which never neglects its fans and bands. With the likes of U.S. metalcore band War Of Ages sharing the bill along with Drottnar, this event is going to be EPIC… With the Nordic Festival showcasing over the 1st and 2nd of November, 2019 will carry the weight of Europe’s best metal.

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