Judas Goat: The Return of Gnashing Of Teeth

Gnashing Of Teeth began all the way back in 1993, originally as a band called Enslaved. No, not that Enslaved. The band was formed by Duane White on vocals and guitars, and Larry Davis on drums.

The band went under the name of Enslaved from 1993-1995 until they went on a hiatus. When they reconvened in 1998 under the same name, they quickly were picked up by the famed Rowe Productions, home to bands such as Vomoth, Antidemon and the illustrious Mortification. However, before releasing any material under that name, they switched names, and Gnashing Of Teeth was born.

Over the years, they released two studio albums, an EP, and a cover song of Living Sacrifice’s “No Longer”, which was featured on A Tribute to Living Sacrifice. The band went through countless lineup changes, with White and Davis remaining throughout the band’s entire run. In 2016, the band would disband after being around over 20 years.

That would all change, however, in 2019 when it was announced they would be reuniting and performing at AudioFeed Festival 2019. The band began recording material and now they have bestowed to us the demo song, “Judas Goat” from their upcoming release.

Check out “Judas Goat“ here!



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