The RETURN Of Forfeit Thee Untrue

It’s been quite a while now that South African metal outfit Forfeit Thee Untrue have been in the limelight. Since their full length Cremationem Jesus Lacrimam (2016) the band basically fell off the grid, and the departure of then-vocalist Gideon Karsten and bassist Eckard van Tonder in the space of two weeks brought the band into turmoil. But, when the events led to the band becoming a two-piece relatively overnight, the metal world began to think “Was this the end as we know it for the band?”


Founding member and drummer Craig Palmer, had never lost the vision or resolve that is expected from the group. With a brand new single “Halo Crippled” about to be unleashed in mid-October 2019 through Rottweiler Records, I would say the band will be ready to pick up the pace again and recruit worthy members for their cause. Pre-orders for the single are yet to be determined, with no date given thus far as the band announced earlier.

Brand NEW single “Halo Crippled” – release date 10/11/2019

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