The Theme Of Perpetual Legacy

When we think of the overall metal genre, most of us will either reminisce or remember the bands in our early days when the metal scene in itself was at its highest peak of popularity throughout the social and commercial world of music, with Judas Priest, Stryper, Dio, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden and so forth.

With the United Kingdom and the United States paving the way with so much metal music in its recent decades of defiance, our European neighbours in Sweden, Norway and Finland have also gained that extra momentum, especially from the early ’90s as their death metal and black metal scenes really raised that standard as they entered onto the world stage.

Perpetual Legacy Our kin from across the pond in Brazil have some of the largest fans and scenes in the world and with quite a substantial amount of bands that have heeded the call to the art of music. Our friends Perpetual Legacy share that call, as their symphonic metal delights every fan of the genre. They have just released their brand new single “119: Theme Of My Songs”. Since their humble beginnings in 2014, we are eagerly awaiting for their worldwide assault with what is truly a masterpiece.

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