WarFront Records On Signing Spree

Since coming back to the intensity of the metal scene a few years ago after a 14 year hiatus, especially with Christian metal, I’ve never really heard much from the label WarFront Records in any diverse or spectacular way. They seem to be one of these labels that sort of stay hidden among the mix of larger. more established spearheads of the business that seem to eclipse any other smaller upcoming labels.

WarFront Records have just announced today that two brand new signings have occurred at the label with hardcore band Bred 4 War (Springfield, Missouri) and hard rock band Saving Darkness (hailing from Spartanburg, South Carolina) that will join fellow label mates Absent From The Body in the label’s ever–expanding repertoire.

Bred 4 War
Saving Darkness

With a brand new EP on the way for Saving Darkness entitled Wolves that should be making its way to your hands very soon.

WarFront Recordshttps://www.facebook.com/thewarfront/



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