War Of Ages Balanced With Sulphur And Salt

What can you say about War Of Ages?? Longevity, freshness, boldness?? In saying that, they are certainly up there with the likes of Demon Hunter, August Burns Red and As I Lay Dying. I feel with these guys that something more creative and special is not only being presented here but, that their class seems to overrun the other giants of the metalcore game, which is something I don’t say lightly.

The Facedown Records band has been constantly hardworking with their endless tours and recording schedules, which have been making them busy in the studio recording their 9th full-length untitled album. And after 17 years of hard work and toil, they have still been able to keep their sound and songwriting fresh and relevant in an out-of-touch and irrelevant world.

Their brand new video and single “Sulphur And Salt” has just hit for your listening pleasure, which steers a little away from their 2017 sound on Alpha. Something more transparent and showing the quality of what War Of Ages can do musically, to show that you can always expand and evolve regardless of any band’s length of life.



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