Coming out of Mount Vernon, Illinois, U.S.A., theEmo/alternative rock band As We Are hasreleased their self-titled EP, then went on the road for three months with live shows to promote their latest effort.

Nothing is left unturned by this trio with this EP,  a follow-up to their popular single “The Change”. Having this EP for some time, about six or so weeks, it’s about time I covered it and give them the recognition that is deserved. The intro is just that, gives you a quick taste of what to expect through the other five songs, and seems to cover the whole element of the offering.

“Promise Land” breaks into the classic old school emo/alternative found in the late ’90s. This melodic, harmonious song with fast-paced punk influences keeps building upon the foundations that is expected from any recorded EP or album to exercise the muscle power of As We Are.

Next we turn to the song “Cheers To The One”, and there’smuch more of a pop punk delivery element to this track, which breaks into the smooth uplifting tones and melodic pop rock found in most independents. Something special happens with the makeup of the song. Chants of “We Are The Fire, We Are The Flame” bring this song to another dimension.

“Making A Difference” keeps running with the pop punk sounds throughout the EP but with more of a rock edge with this one, again very melodic as the structure of the song is well maintained by all members and the vocals are smooth and rounded with back-up harmonies giving it that extra nudge.

“No Turning Back” now moves more into the rock element of the band with clean shouts and with the same melodic sound that is expected from a heavily influenced commercial melodic pop punk band. Keeping with the harmonic nature as far as the eyes can see, this is very much a ballad song from As We Are.

Finally the outro song “Wave Goodbye” returns to the pop punk sinew of the band, fast-paced and very energetic throughout. With more of an anthem song, you can definitely make tell that this is the end of a fantastic EP.

Even though the EP itself can be very repetitive and sounding almost like the last song, you can’t deny the passion and thought put into this latest release. Final thoughts are that the group is growing up in all areas of song writing and professionalism. A HUGE pat on the back to As We Are. We look forward to new music in the future.

Christian Sullivan. 2017

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