Chaotic Resemblance – Sound Of The Saints EP

Sound Of The Saints - Chaotic Resemblance

When you think that hard rock and mid-late’80s metal was dead and buried, then think again. Chaotic Resemblance are here and are here to stay. I first heard of the band back in 2016. With two main members and other constant personnel changes, currently Chaotic Resemblance consists of Travis McConnell on vocals, LA Ellis on lead guitar and backup vocals, John Jakway on drums and Donnie Sixx on bass.

With the words of the great Les Carlsen, Chaotic Resemblance would be the band that Bloodgood’s mantle would move to, upon listening to the two-track EP produced by Stryper axeman Oz Fox and mastered by guitar legend Tony Palacios (Guardian).

“Sound Of The Saints” is a slow hard rock track that is something similar to a ballad, its very swaying kind of riffs and melodies are something you can get your lighter out for, with a nice rounded solo thrown in for that extra fill. Travis’s voice has certainly matured as a frontman over time and is his best to date, the gravelly vocal adds the rough edge, with the smooth in the song.

“Riot Anthem” then kicks off with a faster paced hard rock grunt, with what you can imagine is more towards the Mötley Crüe/Dr. Feelgood era of 1988-1990. With catchy hooks, and showing that they mean business, you feel you want to break down in the mosh pit and shake that fist.

Tightly packaged riffs throughout, with a sick solo that you can also rock out to. By just the sheer talent of Travis, LA Ellis and the rest of the boys of the band, you will certainly notice that these young men have something to show to the world.

A very bright future indeed for the freight train that is Chaotic Resemblance.

Christian Sullivan. 2017

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