Biogenesis: Announce New Line-up

It’s been an ongoing story for vocalist Chaz Bond and his project Biogenesis. Since hitting the scene back in 2001 with the debut album The Mark Bleeds Through, through Australian label Rowe Productions, the band have remained true to style and with a solid lineup ten years after – a follow-up album came in 2012 with The Rise, the Fall, the Rebirth and then the remastered debut dropped in 2013 with The Mark Bleeds Through: First Blood.

Biogenesis next made headlines going into 2017 with A Decadence Divine (2017) and followed up with EP Black Widow (2019), with a whole new lineup save for remaining founding member James Riggs. After a nearly five-year break, there seemed to be a constant movement forwards for the group.

However, that was laid to rest for a time as the band had completely splintered and Biogenesis had become a solo project for some time. Then in 2021 after the Covid19 ordeal Chaz and founding bassist Randy Bolton released a full-length Rise Of The Phoenix, through Retroactive Records, and that was met with mixed reviews.

In what will be the final chapter of the Biogenesis journey, Chaz Bond has now announced the line-up for an upcoming full-length album entitled Hell’s Carnival, which currently hasn’t been scheduled for release as of yet.

Chaz Bond – vocals
Jimmi Ziga – guitars, keys
Connor Wallace – guitars
Raymond Hitchcock– bass

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