Raised: Self-Titled EP Review

In recent times there really hasn’t been any faith-based hard music coming out of the east coast of Australia, especially since the ending of one of Melbourne’s biggest extreme metal exports Mortification, who called it a day back in 2015. Then the Sydney metalcore group For All Eternity, who haven’t been heard of since 2017, and throughout the years, Cybergrind and Horde.

Last year, former Virgin Black bassist Ian Miller introduced me to hard rock/nü-metal infused band Raised which features lead vocalist Joey Biro (formerly of Australian band Superheist) with other members such as Russel Bratton (lead/rhythm guitar), Troy Dixon (lead/rhythm guitar), Wayne Townsend (bass) & Max Mery (drums/percussion).

  1. The Cross4:54
  2. Redemption5:41
  3. The Spider Web 5:38
  4. Sacrifice6:31
  5. You6:01

Total Duration: 28:47

As we begin with “The Cross”, it maintains a steady balance of slower and faster nü-metal style tempos which are very well done. Radio-friendly automatically springs to mind – however, the sound keeps that punch at a higher level, so that even if you don’t listen to the radio, you would enjoy this. Vocally clear, precise and musically melodic throughout, this track has your interest from start to finish, being quite heavy in places but yet easy on the ears.

“Redemption” takes hold to that slower grind, a tiny bit bass-driven with a ton of thunderous beats, and the mixture of all other instruments keeps it at an equal level. Sticking to that nü-metal vibe, the chops and changes keep the song very entertaining as the melodic progression keeps being pursued till the bitter end.

“The Spider Web” being my absolute favourite single on this EP, was certainly what I was waiting for, more of a ballad in so many ways throughout the song, and the chorus makes you look forward to the next aspect of the story being portrayed. It certainly doesn’t lack any of the edginess that you’ve heard earlier in the EP, well-balanced in every way, and a lovely guitar solo that speaks volumes, always helps the cause for this beauty. Would certainly be a HUGE hit if label big wigs heard this single, it is one of the best I’ve heard in a couple of years.

The song “Sacrifice” is up next, continuing with their trend of harder rock with a nü-metal feel and quite simply done riffs and bass lines. However the track has been put together very nicely, which makes it entertaining in so many ways. It doesn’t take a song to be super complicated to be able to have that element, even lyrically, that just pushes the song forward, in songwriting that completely grabs you.

Finally, the single “You” ends the EP with their signature slow-paced resolve, and also displays their heavier side. Dark and brooding with such a high quality of musicianship, which even though again I’m not a huge fan of slow paced music, however the production is second to none and their faith is openly expressed with the introduction of the Lord’s Prayer, near the completion of this EP.

Overall, what a great release from the boys in Raised. Super entertaining, in so many ways. I highly recommend for any listener to hear what they have to say. Thumbs up from me.

Christian Sullivan: 9/10 – The Metal Onslaught Magazine



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