Exultet: Kings Crusade Album Drops

We haven’t really spoken too much about Vision Of God Records and the artists they work with. The label have worked alongside a number of bands Elgibbor, Frost Like Ashes and Symphony Of Heaven that have found permanent homes with other labels or through the label’s other division Christian Metal Underground which re-releases remastered versions of extreme metal, mainly across Europe and South America.

With quite a long history, the symphonic medieval black/folk metal project Exultet from Palermo, Sicily has released their debut and fifth full-length Kings’ Crusade Part 1: The Holy Land, through Vision Of God Records. Now currently a solo project after the departure of long time drummer Argoth since the 2015 release I Soldati Della Croce, Farz has continued his trend of the old style of black metal with buzzing guitars and poor quality rawness within production.

The album is available on physical CD via Vision Of God Records, Bandcamp and for streaming on all available services.

Vision Of God Records




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