Testimony Of Apocalypse (TOA) Review

Do you like blistering thrash metal? Then you are going to love this new album titled The Offering!

Members of the band are Paul Graham on banging drums, Nick Pacitti on shredding guitar, and the incredible Derek Corzine provides session bass. Based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. USA.

This is a follow-up to their first album called None Escape The Judgement.

1. “The Rescue” – (featuring Juan Marrero from Let The Day Perish), this song has crushingly good vocals with some cleans as well. The music is hard-hitting with a great guitar solo for good measure.

2. “Holier Than Thou” – (featuring Corey Weaver from Bloodline Severed), this song is brutal and in your face from the start. I love the riffs on this song. The vocals demand your attention!

3. “Darkly Through Mirrors” – (featuring Brian Lyda from Burial Extraction) This song has a throwback Extol feel to it. The breakdown is sick, the guitar work is phenomenal, and the drumming will keep you headbanging. The lyrics are fantastic and exactly what you want to hear from a Christian thrash metal band. This is an album that you will definitely want to order when it drops and I can’t wait to hear the whole album!

Jimmy Lamar Sorrells / Christian Metal Group



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