Classic Disaster: New Single Cometh

We seem to be having a field day with Californian metal bands over this last week, with news from Unworthy, Fear Not, IronWrath, xDoulosx and now Classic Disaster.

Hailing also from Southern California, the metalcore trio have been hard at work building their fan base and perfecting their craft, with an impressive debut single entitled “To The Ground” back in March 2023. 

Nearly five months later, the group have announced their next original single “Escape”, which is scheduled to drop on August 4th.

Here is a few words from founding member and vocalist Adam Castro to explain the song in more detail:

“Escape is a song about feeling trapped in a cycle of realizing you’re not where you should be, and you’re nowhere close to being the person that you thought you’d be. Maybe it’s because of sin, addiction, hardship, loss, or an attitude of complacency and indifference. But no matter what it is, you can’t get through it in your own strength, sooner or later we all find ourselves on our knees crying out to God for help to escape the cycle and get us back on the path and purpose He has called us to.” – Vocalist, Adam Castro

Classic Disaster will be opening for The Aggressive Worship Tour, with headlining act Convictions at Anaheim’s famous Chain Reaction, with Facedown Records UK import Confessions Of a Traitor making their debut national tour and with local boys Cultist on August 16th, 2023. Doors open @ 6.30pm.



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