Burial Extraction: Drop Debut Single

It’s not very often that you find old-school death metal being released these days, mainly due to new bands sticking onto the whole subgenre bandwagon.

Even though I find those kind of genres cool, I do however believe that it seems to be overwhelming the hard music scene to a point that not many new listeners are taking the time to experience newer bands experimenting with the older sounds that had created many of these subgenres in the first place.

The Charon Collective-signed death metal project Burial Extraction have been working hard alongside Derek Corzine (Blood Thirsty, Crowned In Sorrow) on guitars, drums and with Corzine Studio, to release the band’s debut full-length album A Shadow Of Things To Come, which is due for release on April, 28th, 2023.

To tantalize the auditory taste buds of listeners the band have also just dropped a debut single from that album entitled “Victory Over Death”.

You can pick up the new single and all existing releases from the label at: https://thecharoncollective.bandcamp.com/



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