Roxx Records: Kicking The Year Off

When it comes to faith-based rock and metal in the UK, there have yet only been a certain few that have ever made an impact across the scene around the world, such as bands like Seventh Angel, Wytch Hazel, Peter118, Delirious? and Balance Of Power.

We just learned of the presence of one more act to add to that list, as our friends at Roxx Records have announced their first release of 2023 from English metal band Omega, which formed way back in 1983, in Nottingham.

The label has also stated some really cool details about this…

“….we are set to bring you a two-disc Limited Edition anthology set. In fact the band had a third disc worth of material that is also being released as a limited edition bonus disc for 100 lucky people that purchase this set early.”

Read the full announcement from the Roxx Records Facebook page:

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