Human Code – Going Against the Grain

If there’s one thing I’ve always been a fan of, it is when legends unite to form what has come to be known as the super-group. In the case of Human Code, we are given the amazing talents of Michael Drive (Barren Cross), George Ochoa (Deliverance/Recon), Terry Russell (Holy Soldier), and Todd Libby (Worldview). With this line-up, there is no doubt that great things are in store. I’ve known George for close to thirty years now and he has always been great at keeping me in the loop, so when I got the invite to come hang at the band’s rehearsal and interview all of the members, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Boy was I stoked! The guys to date have played live a total of two times as Human Code and I was lucky enough to catch their stellar performance in Versailles Ohio back in September at the inaugural Immortal Festival. Among the discussion that took place, I inquired about future gigs, the status of their album being released, the story behind the name Human Code, the political landscape that is very much apparent throughout their songs, age and adaptability, weight, hair, and its loss, as well as their unyielding commitment to sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. A great conversation full of sincerity, love, admiration, and tons of laughter. Check it out!!

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