A Kickstart For Kalamity Kills

Hard rock project Kalamity Kills have been getting a lot of press lately, especially with their brand new single “Sinners Welcome” which was released on September 2nd, and this band of course is founded and fronted by Guardian vocal beast Jamie Rowe.

The popularity of this segment of Jamie Rowe and his solo works has been gaining great momentum, with the successful launching of their official Kickstarter crowdfund, which is to raise funds for the upcoming untitled full length album. If Jamie reaches his desired target, then his project’s debut will be scheduled for release in February 2023.

This is what Jamie had to say:-

Hey folks, Jamie Rowe here…

Back with another passion project! This one brings out the best in me as a songwriter and vocalist. After having great success with Guardian and an artistically satisfying solo project, “This Is Home,” it’s time to make some mighty rock and roll again! I’ve been writing for the past couple of years, and without any kind of agenda, the songs that came out of me were some of the heaviest and most energetic I’ve ever written. Imagine if Bon Jovi and Aerosmith hung out with Rob Zombie and Alice in Chains, and they decided to make some music…if you can imagine that, you can imagine what’s coming from Kalamity Kills

I want to make this a defining album. I’ve been blessed with fans from the Guardian days that still give me so much love and support. I want to create something those folks will put on and say, “whoa, that’s the best Jamie’s ever sounded!”

Lyrically, I have something to say these days. Songs of faith, doubt, life, love, heartbreak, joy, basically the good and the bad…some call it “real life” …I like that.

  • I wrote “Sinners Welcome” for those who belong to God, but maybe the fan club doesn’t want to accept them for whatever reason.
  • I wrote a ripping hard rock song (“Fool’s Gold”) about the grand experience of self-sabotaging my own life a few years ago.
  • I’ve written songs for the amazing woman Amber Rowe, who I do life with 24/7.
  • I’ve written songs that will feel good to crank up in the car. There’s value in that experience, too, ya know! 
  • I wrote “B.I.A.D.S.O.” for those who look in the mirror one day and feel like, “how did I end up here?”
  • I wrote a prayer (“Amen”) that I want to close the record out with that makes a statement about who I am.

If you like “Sinners Welcome,” you will love this album!

If you like my raspy, bluesy vocals, you will love this album!

If you support this album, it will mean more to me than you’ll ever know.

I plan to have a few “known” guests on this album. Details when the campaign is over.

Produced by Jamey Perrenot. My favorite person to work with – he always knows exactly where I want to go with my songs. His talent alone is a true blessing.

So what now?

This is an all-or-nothing Kickstarter project. So if it only raises 14,900…it’s a no-go.

You all have blown my mind every time I’ve done a crowd-fund. I will never assume it’ll be a slam-dunk, but I feel confident that this will be something you will want to see go the distance!

If you were on board for “This Is Home”, you know I keep everyone informed along the way with frequent updates. It keeps it fun for me too. I love to share the recording experience with the folks who make it happen!

Please share this page on your socials. 

If 15 people want to pledge 1k each….well… we’re funded! Ha! 

It’s been my experience that around 200 people make these projects happen! I’m looking for my 200!

Risks and challenges

Risks and challenges would be small if we get the funding we need. I have the songs ready to go but will continue to write as sometimes the best track is the last one written. Barring a significant war or a global economic collapse, this should be in your hands on a compact disc in February 2023.



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